day one gear

day one gear

Aquamira Frontier Filtered Water Bottle, Red II 120

Contaminated water can instantly ruin that vacation you’ve been planning or mark an end to an otherwise great time outdoors. Whether traveling abroad or in the field hiking or backpacking, you need access to clean and safe drinking water The next time you leave the house, don’t just pack any water bottle. Instead grab the FrontierT Filtered Water Bottle by Aquamira?. The Series II Green Line replaceable filter removes greater than 99.9999% of bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, chlorine, bad tastes and odors. When heading abroad or to areas prone to viruses, our Series II Red Line replaceable filter offers added virus protection. With the best flow rate (500 ml/minute) of any water filter bottle on the market and an ergonomic design, gaining access to clean drinking water has never been so easy. When you need more than just great tasting drinking water, turn to the newly re-designed FrontierT Filtered Water Bottle by Aquamira. Made in the USA Features: – Filtered water bottle provides safe drinking water – Red Line filter offers added virus protection – Greater than 99.9999% bacteria removal – Removes Cryptosporidium and Giardia – Improves taste and removes odor – Removes chlorine and chemicals – Red Line filters filter 120 gallons of water – Replaceable filter (replace with any Series II Green Line Bacteria Filter or Red Line Virus Filter) – High flow rate (500 ml/minute) – BPA-free – Patented BiteMe valve – MiraguardT Antimicrobial Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold within the filter – Ergonomic design fits comfortable in hand and in bicycle cages – Finger-grip carry loop – Ultra-strong Tritan dust cap – Positive shut-off to prevent leaks [button-blue url=”″ target=”″ position=”left”]Buy Now[/button-blue]

Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic Water Purifier

 The NEW Potable Aqua PURE™ Electrolytic Water Purifier is the smallest and most cost effective water purification device on the market. Using a simple brine (salt + water) solution, the PA PURE™device produces a powerful mixed oxidant disinfectant capable of purifying even the dirtiest of water. Great for campers, hikers, militaries, emergency organizations and anyone needing drinkable water, Potable Aqua® PURE™ inactivates viruses,bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium killing 99.9% of all organisms without the need to pre-filter or pump.
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HTI LifePack Emergency Water Filter

 Used by the military during Katrina. Makes over 3 Liters of clean drinking water a day for 3 days. Makes virtually any water drinkable even muddy water.The filter itself has a microscopic pore size of 3 to 5 angstrom; 100 times smaller than the smallest pathogens and 200 times finer filtration than competitive filters. The system this filter uses is forward osmosis. Meet all EPA standards.

The LifePack emergency water supply makes 100 fl. oz. (3 L) of a clean drink each day for 3 days. During a natural disaster or civil emergency, water is almost always available BUT often is not drinkable. Water-borne disease is a major cause of death and illness at these times.

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How it Works:

To easily filter virtually any water, Pour dirty water into the red port of the LifePack and then pour one bottle of sports drink syrup into the green port. Wait 6-12 hours until the inner bag fills. Pour the processed water into a clean container and the LifePack is ready to use again.

  • Forward osmosis filter requires no pumping, works in any virtually and water, even muddy water. Produces a sports drink for improved hydration.
  • Meets or surpasses reductions for bacteria, viruses and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers
  • Be prepared for emergencies and protect your family with the LifePack water filter
  • The highest purity level of any personal filter, non-clogging filter produces a sports drink for improved hydration.
  • Compact water filter that produces 3-day supply of drinking water
  • Ultra-pure forward osmosis filter works with virtually any water source
  • Uses sports drink syrup to add electrolytes to water; non-clogging filter design
  • Includes six 2-ounce syrup charges and 60-fluid-ounce filter
  • Meets or exceeds all EPA criteria for bacteria, viruses, and cysts

Katadyn Combi Microfilter, Black

The Katadyn Combi combines a silver impregnated ceramic element and a refillable, activated carbon cartridge. It is effective against bacteria and protozoa and also reduces chemicals and bad taste. With the optional PLUS the Combi can be connected to a water faucet for multifunctional use in campers, cottages or boats. Includes: Prefilter, bottle adaptor and carry bag Specifications: – Capacity (gal): 13’000 (ceramic) 105 (carbon) – Capacity (L): 50’000 (ceramic) 400 (carbon) – Dimensions (cm): 27 x 6 – Dimensions (in): 12 x 2.4 – Output (gal): 1 quart/min – Output (L): 1 L/min – Technology: 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter (cleanable) Activated carbon granulate – Weight (grams): 580 – Weight (oz): 21
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Quake-Kit Ultimate Earthquake Survival Kit

A flotation capsule survival kit engineered for rapid-fire deployment, this kit is ready to respond in times of emergency – even when you are not. The Kit provides important needs such as food, clean water, light, communications, first aid, warming blankets and flotation. Designed by engineers in Canada, this sleek, compact unit stores neatly in closets, car trunks or under furniture. As the people who were struck by hurricane Sandy in the eastern United States and the victims of the great tsunami of 2011 have learned, preparation can save lives and reduce the level of harm from natural disasters. Experts continue to urge us to be prepared for natural disasters and other critical events where the usual facilities and provisions suddenly become unavailable. Whether it’s an earthquake, storm, flood or severe weather condition causing loss of power, water and communications, this kit assures that you are prepared. Comes with a comprehensive first aid kit, survival essentials kit, flashlight/radio mobile phone charger, 3600 calorie food ration and water filter. [button-green url=”” target=”_self” position=”left”]Buy Now[/button-green]

LifeStraw Personal Water


LifeStraw is one of the greatest selling survival products of all time.  This is a unique offer only from Survival Frog where we bundle free Survival Paracord Grenades with multiple LifeStraw purchases.

Removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and parasites
Filters up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water
Compact, ultralight & easy to use
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Clean water in 4 easy steps!

  1. Stick the LifeStraw directly into the contaminated water source.
  2. Take 5 quick sucks to get the water flowing.
  3. As you suck, water is forced through hollow fibers, and any dirt, bacteria, viruses or parasites are trapped in the fibers, allowing only clean and safe drinking water to pass through.
  4. When you’re done drinking, simply blow air out the straw to clear the filter.